The Origin of La Rioja
Bodegas Beronia is quintessentially Rioja. Its wines are defined by the región and the soils in which the vines are grown, and its name linked to the history of the land where the winery is found....
Respect and tradition
The winery is surrounded by 25 hectares of own vineyards. In addition the Beronia technical team control 870 hectares of specially selected vineyards, situated within a 10 km. radius of the winery...
Beronia Style
Long Ageing
Beronia, loyal to its tradition, elaborates a Classic Line which defines the Beronia Style including three young wines, white Viura, rosé Tempranillo and red Tempranillo. In addition to Crianza,...

In the 3rd Century BC the region of Rioja was inhabited by the Berones, a warrior people from celtic origen whose populations reached from the canatbria mountains in the North to the Demanda mountain range in the South. This warlike population, also dedicated to agriculture, livestock, pottery and metallurgy, named this area Beronia.

In 1973 a group of friends and businessmen from a gastronomic society founded Bodegas Beronia, whose name pays homage to the primitive inhabitants of this beautiful land. Their passion for good food and high quality wines was the origin of the quality wine of long aging that the winery elaborates.