The winery is surrounded by 25 hectares of own vineyards. In addition the Beronia technical team control 870 hectares of specially selected vineyards, situated within a 10km radius of the winery therefore maintaining the Rioja Alta character. The average age of these vineyards is 30 years however 50 hectares are more than 60 years old.

A very close relationship is maintained with the more than 200 growers who suppply grapes to beronia guaranteeing only the best quality grapes are selected and that the process is carried out in the most natural way. All of the grapes used in the production of Beronia wines are carefully selected from the vineyards by Beronia winemaker Matias Calleja, parcel by parcel. Deciding from the vineyard for which wine the grapes will be used depending on the characteristics shown.



Pre-phyllorera vineyards.

The vineyards surrounding the winery include prephylloxfera vineyards of more than 100 years old, vineyards that were planted when the winery was contructed in 1973, more than 40 years ago and new vineyards planted in 2011.


The grape varietals found in Beronia, and authorised by the DOCa Rioja, are Tempranillo, Graciano, Mazuelo, Garnacha and Viura. More than 85% of the vineyards are planted with Tempranillo, the most traditonal Rioja variety.

The average yields of the vineyards, controlled by the DOCa, are 6500 kg for red varietals and 9000 kg for white varietals. In the case of the older vineyards controlled by Beronia the yield can reach 3500 kg.  

Sustainable farming techniques are used throughout the carefully controlled growing season as Bodegas Beronia are completely dedicated to the protection of the environment and use the most environmentally friendly techniques in both the vineyards and the vinification process. Beronia is already producing an organice wine, 100% Tempranillo using fruit sourced from vineyards which are registered to the CRAE which guarantees organic viticulture. Bodegas Beronia also uses techniques for recycling of by-products, purification of waste water, waste management, reduction of energy consumption and environmentally friendly packaging.

sustainable agriculture.

In addition Bodegas Beronia carries out sustainable agricultura at all levels and protecting the environment is a priority. As a result some of our vineyards have achieved organic certificate.