Types of wine glass

The choice of type of wine glass is essential to fully enjoy wine. Depending on the type of wine it will be better suited to one glass or another.

It is not necessary to have a collection of glasses in our house as wine can always be enjoyed however it is important to know the characteristics of each glass and how they can influence when consuming different wines.

The types of glasses used for wine can be simplified to three different models: one for red, one for white and one for sparkling. To taste the wines of Bodegas Beronia you will need just two types of glasses:

Glass for red wine: They tend to be larger so that there is more oxygen in contact with the wine. The most common are Burgundy glasses (larger diameter and more narrow at the top) and Bordeaux (the most common, higher and more stylised).

Glass for white wine: Similar to the Bordeaux red wine glass however a little smaller in size and more open at the top. The stem is also somewhat longer than red wine glasses in order to maintain a lower temperature. We can also use this type of glass for rosé wines.

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What are the elements of a wine glass?

Material: Wine glasses are made almost entirely of glass. The thiner the better for consumption. It is important that the glass is transparent to allow us to appreciate the colour, unless in the case of a blind tasting in which other glasses are used.

Base: Must be wide enough for the glass to stand stable and to be held in your hand

Stem: This is a very important element as it separates the base from the body so that our hands do not transfer heat to the glass and do not alter the temperature of the wine. In addition our hands do not stain the glass and therefore we can observe the wine more clearly.

Bowl: Its walls should be as thin as possible. Its shape and size will determine the development of the wine inside and the oxidation

Rim: normally narrower than the body of the glass to concentrate the aromas. It must be large enough for the nose to enter to appreciate the aromas.

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Remember that the most important thing is always enjoy wine and company, always in moderation.