origen botella 750 cl.

The origin of the 750ml wine bottle

We don’t usually care too much about the bottle of the wine we are going to have, but the bottle actually says a lot about the wine we are drinking. Knowing its importance, today we want to throw light on the classic bottle of wine, in particular, its capacity. In a world dominated by round figures, wine bottles are the only ones with the capacity of 750 ml. Why is this? Why does a bottle of wine not contain an entire litre? Why not settle with half-litre bottles?

Theories about the origin of the wine bottle


The truth is that we don’t know very well where the standardization of the capacity of the bottles comes from. What we do know is that it has been like this since 1970, when a European agreement was carried out. After this, other countries joined this agreement and the standardized measure of a bottle of wine was settled at the volume of 75 cl.Before this, the measures were very different: 70 cl., 80 cl., even 73 cl … point blank, we will dive into the origins of this measure although there is no consensus about what the truth is:

Roman Origin

One theory about the origins of the wine bottles goes back to the time of the Romans. Although they didn’t use glass as vessels, they used what they called an acetabulum, a small vessel of about 270 ml. It used to be the amount of the daily consumption of a Roman soldier back then. Another theory and perhaps the most accepted comes from medieval Europe. At that time, the most accepted measure in international trade was the English gallon. A 750 ml bottle is equivalent to a fifth of a gallon, a perfect volume for transportation, since they were perfectly aligned.

The amount of wine consumed at mealtime

When investigating the origin of the 750 ml bottles, another of the first theories was that the amount was equivalent to what a person used to consume during dinner. Needless to say, we speak of an alcoholic beverage, and this is a high amount even when consumed during an entire day. It’s true that wine has beneficial properties for the health, however, it must be consumed in moderation.


The human lung as standard

The creation of bottles was an artisan process until it could be industrialized in the eighteenth century. During the process, the most crucial step occurred when blowing which was to create and shape the space where the wine would be stored. This phase was made by blowing continuously, and as a result you ended up with a capacity between 70 and 80 cl.  Thus, the true origin of the current wine bottle is not well known. In any case its standardization has been carried out and has proven to be a very successful measure since it is being seen as the perfect amount for an adult couple. A curiosity that makes wine an even more special drink.