Protocol tips when wine tasting

Wine is one of the foundations of our gastronomy and culture. Today in our blog we offer you several tips on the protocol of wine without becoming excessively sybaritic or picky, as we want you to enjoy the magic that surrounds the wine tasting world. And these are the recommendations we make from Beronia :

Tasting arrangement/order

The order when it comes to drinking the different wines is an important factor to take into account. If we taste them arbitrarily, we may not enjoy 100% all the nuances of our Beronia.
That is why the wine´s protocol has to start with the white wines and then to go to the red wines, leaving first the youngest and the softest to finish with the most intense. When it comes to wine pairing at dinners, we must act in the same way since in general, the menu will gain in intensity from the softer flavours of the entrées to the stronger and more forceful flavours of the main courses.

Also, remember that you can also serve a good to go with appetizers and desserts to enhance the taste of your meals.


The ritual of uncorking is one of the vital moments when it comes to tasting a good Beronia. The first thing to do is to cut the protective cap below the neck, the ring protruding from the top of the bottle. With this we will avoid, when serving, the wine getting cloudy with the dirt that the bottle may have accumulated over time

When removing the cork, there are several indications that you have to keep in mind. Firstly you should not move the wine bottle much, you have to remove the cork as smoothly as possible, using a corkscrew and without getting through completely. Then, with the bottle uncorked, it is advisable to clean the interior to remove any dirt.

Which glass shall I use to drink the wine?

When it comes to taste a good Beronia you must choose well where are you going to savour it. For each wine there is a glass. Therefore, if you want to comply with the protocol of the wine you must taste it in the correct one. Don´t you know the types of glasses that exist and to which wine corresponds each one? We put it easy remembering the post we wrote on this topic.

How to serve wine

Following the protocol rules, wine glasses should not be completely filled. The standards mark as correct a third part of the cup. Before decanting it, the wine has to breathe (if you are attending a gala dinner, this may be done before bringing the wine to the table). Another important issue when it comes to serving the wine is to try, as far as possible, do not touch the wine glass with the bottle, and we know it’s complicated! Once the wine is served, place the bottle on an auxiliary table, if it is available.

Time to toast

The most expected moment in any celebration is the toast. To respect the protocol, the cups are always taken by the base, since if it is held by the body, the wine will catch temperature, thus impeding its tasting. At the time of the toast, the protocol orders to make a gesture but without the cups getting into touch.

How to drink wine

When it comes to tasting the wine, you must keep in mind that you do not have to drink the whole glass at once, unless it’s a toast, and you have been served a small amount. The drink have to be sipped without any noise. In case there is little wine in the glass, you can drink it in a single mouthful, but as a general rule is not too appropriated to taste a good Beronia.

As for the tasting, it requires a certain ritual: you must swirl the glass, raising it to appreciate the appearance of the wine. Then bring it your nose to enjoy its aroma, and finally drink a small sip to taste its flavour.

With all these tips we will enjoy Beronia at its best!