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Discover how we made the best red wine

Winemaking is a slow and thorough process, full of details that we need to take care of and which purpose is to obtain a wine with the best quality, a wine worthy of bearing the Beronia label. Today we want you to show you this process, so that you can see with your own eyes how our wine is made with affection and dedication. For this purpose, we have recorded six videos with the main moments of the Beronia wine process.

Six key moments to make the best Beronia wine

Step 1: The Vineyard

The vineyard is the point where it all begins. Choosing high quality vineyards where our grapes will be raised is crucial.

Step 2: The Harvest

It is one of the most important processes when it comes to winemaking. After having done maturity and quality controls of the grapes, it must be verified that the state of the grapes is optimal. When all of this is done, it is time to conduct a manual harvest. It is then taken to the warehouse where the selection begins. If the grapes are not collected at the right time, the quality of the wine may decrease, so the quality controls are of high importance.

Step 3:  The selection

After the harvest, we proceed to pick exclusively the grapes that are in good enough conditions for winemaking. This selection is done thoroughly, inspecting every grain of each bunch. This is the only way to achieve a high-quality wine.

Step 4:  Barrel ageing

With the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation successfully conducted, the wine is ready to be aged in barrels. Depending on the category, it will stay up to several years in barrel. Among our barrels, we highlight the mixed ones, composed of American oak (staves) and French oak (bottom).

 Step 5: Bottle ageing

After the process of aging in barrel, the wine spends between one and two years aging in the bottle. The purpose of this process is to round out the taste of the wine. The harmonization of nuances is formed in this step, providing each of our varieties with a unique touch. Thus, the wine reaches the consumer in its best state.

Step 6: Bottle rack

When the wine is ready, a carefully selected number of bottles will be placed in our bottle rack. This is where we keep all the best Beronia wines, wines with further ageing potential. It is also one of the most emblematic places of Beronia’s wineries as it tells the history of the winery, through wines.

Visit our wineries and know the production process at first hand.

This process is accountable for the quality of our wines. Thanks to this, three of our wine varieties have been included in the 2017 gourmet wine guide.  If you want to know more about the process of making Beronia wine, we invite you to visit our winery. We offer different visits that will satisfy your curiosity and allow you to enjoy a few days of ideal wine tourism.