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Alegra de Beronia: the new rosé to welcome the summer

This is Beronia’s freshest, most sophisticated wine so far. A pale rosé that will not go unnoticed – we are particularly proud of the bottle design – and has been fashioned to be the

We deny 5 urban legends and myths about wine

People love creating myths and stories. Whether it is to scare kids and make them listen to us or just for fun, the urban legends emerge and extend like gunpowder. This also happens with

Four Beronia Wines perfect for summer

Summer has already arrived and with it the hot weather. This is why at this time we prefer white, pink or sparkling wines. Whether on the beach, on the mountain or in the city,

Discover how we made the best red wine

Winemaking is a slow and thorough process, full of details that we need to take care of and which purpose is to obtain a wine with the best quality, a wine worthy of bearing

Tapas Route Around Logroño

In our last post we talked about the most characteristic and traditional dishes from La Rioja cuisine. This is why we thought that before sitting at the table, we are going to take advantage

Spring in the vineyard

Spring is one of the best times of the year, good weather and green fields full of wildflowers. Also it is the time for many popular celebrations in the region of Rioja.

Riojan Gastronomy

Following our introduction to the customs and traditions of Rioja we would like to take you on a tour of Riojan gastronomy. La Rioja is specifically known for its production of wines under the

Riojan Customs and Traditions

Would you like to get to know the customs and traditions of our land and enjoy the charming nooks and crannies, our towns and our people? Rioja is a land in which there are

History of the Barrel

The barrel The barrel is the vessel that has been used to transport wine and age it in wineries for more than two thousand years. Barrels can be made from many types of wood,

What is a Denomination of Origin and which ones exist in Spain?

Nowadays consumers value much more the quality of the product they are buying and this is why many Spanish products have a Denomination of Origin which guarantees the quality and unique character of the