5 Tips to Keep Wine in it best conditions at Summer time.

Enjoying a good wine is a pleasure that you can enjoy 365 days a year. A few days ago we told you which were the best Beronia wines for summer and how to accompanied by a good meal. And in today’s post we bring you tips to keep them in the best possible conditions so you can enjoy the taste of La Rioja 100%.

Wine’s Placement

Have you ever seen a bottle rack that presented the bottles vertically? That is a good cue of how you should place the wine at home, always horizontally, never vertically. Are you asking yourself why? Keeping wines sealed with a cork stopper in a horizontal position, ensures that the cork stays in contact with the wine. If we kept them in a horizontal position, we would run the risk that the cork would dry up and stop passing the air, causing the oxidation of the wine. Wines with a screw cap can be kept upright, without any risk.


This is one of the most important and difficult to meet summer tips. We must keep in mind that when it comes to preserving wine we should not expose it to sudden temperature changes. The wine has to be always between 10 and 15 ° since cold extremes and hot can damage wines. One of the worst places to conserve the wine is the kitchen, due to the large temperature differences that usually have. If we place it in hot places, we shorten its life. On the other hand if we put it in the refrigerator, we will lose the cork’s elasticity, letting the air get into the bottle attacking the wine and passing it.

Avoid direct light

It’s not convinent for wine a direct contact with sunlight (particularly ultraviolet rays), or the intense light because it can warm the wine and give rise to chemical reactions that can afects its conservation. So, it is best to keep it in a dark place where there is low light.


Humidity is important for the cork. When the room where you store your Beronia is with a humidity that goes between 65% and 80%, the wine will be in optimal conditions. Thanks to these levels the cork will be in perfect conditions of elasticity avoiding thus spills, oxygen leaks or formation of fungi.

Let the wine rest

Movement is not suitable for wine, it needs rest to be able to offer the best qualities of its flavor. The less we shake a bottle, the better the result will have.

With this few tips you will be able to keep your Beronia in the best possible conditions. If you are not lucky enough to have a room that you can use as a wine cellar, remember that there are bottles that have the characteristics of maintenance for the wine. Enjoy the summer with a Beronia!