We deny 5 urban legends and myths about wine

People love creating myths and stories. Whether it is to scare kids and make them listen to us or just for fun, the urban legends emerge and extend like gunpowder. This also happens with wine. Some myths have some elements of truth, but generally speaking they are only myths. Today in our blog we want to deny several myths that we know about wine.

White wine for fish and red wine for meat

Getting started, the art of pairing offers a complete gastronomic experience to anyone who wants to get in. However, in order to manage the art of pairing it is necessary to study and to know the wines and the food we are going to enjoy. For this reason, a statement as simple as “white wine is only good for fish and red wine for meat” is incomplete. To show you an illustrative example: What do you think would be better with a chicken roast? Our White Viura or Beronia Crianza? The key point to the pairing is in the nuances, not in the colour of the wine.

Wine, never served for dessert

Did you think wine could only be served with starters and mains? As we have determined, the secret to a good pairing lies in the nuances. Naturally, you can serve a dessert with a good wine, you just need to discover how to match the flavours. To give you an example, our Gran Reserve, thanks to its sweet and fruity flavour, is the perfect wine to drink with a good chocolate cake.

Warm red wine and cold white wine.

Did you really think that a Beronia Reserve at room temperature during the summer would taste delicious? We make excellent wines, but not miracles! The wines find the perfect temperature between 10 and 15 º where serving them at this temperature is the ideal. Can we serve a colder white wine? Yes, of course, and if it is our Rueda Verdejo it will taste delicious, but if you serve it a little warmer it will be just as good.

It is not important where you keep the bottle

If you are a common reader of our blog, you will very well know that that the conservation of the bottle is important, as this specific aspect has been described in a previous post. Even so, you must consider that the wine aging is not only done in the barrel, but also takes place in the bottle too. For this reason, The better we store and treat the wine while in bottle, the more of its original flavours will be maintained.

 Wine fattens

This statement is not an urban legend itself, but it has some elements of myth. Do you know any food or drink that does not fatten? Everything we eat contains calories, it only comes down to the amount we find in each kind of food. Therefore, we always recommend drinking our Beronia wines with moderation. We know they are delicious, but you also have plenty of time to enjoy them.

These are the main myths and urban legends we know about wine. Do you know others that we might have forgotten? If so, do not hesitate to tell us in the blog and on our social media platforms!